luni, 7 decembrie 2009

these walls don.t lie

It was the last days of summer sun shine'in through the window
Life movin' real slow, you know how things go
His friends knew him by the name of Bingo
As he turned up the volume of a hot new single
From Looptroop his favorite rap group
He loved how they represented him yo, the graff youth
From the grass roots he came from sweden to
Felt proud when he played his new friends the latest tunes
Check this shit out man; that he had to download
Cause his local record store was on the other side of the globe
They didn't carry the stuff, but he felt it was ok to do
He spread the troops message all the way to australia dude
Oh man I couldn't be wrong when long arm and freedom fighters wears his fucking theme songs
In their headphones those nights he spent when we stayed up
Adrenaline rush when we enter the layup singin'

Babababa baaaa You know graffiti won't die.. die
Babababa baaaa ( no it won't )Because these walls don't lie.. lie..( we don't lie )
Babababa baaaa ( come on )I'm dedicating this beat.. peace..